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Apr. 4th, 2007



Theme list for beccastareyes

I totally lose at life ;_; I only have some of them finished, I'm still trying to get inspired from the others.

( Link to writing journal )

Feb. 19th, 2007



deepwonderment's Masterlist

This is the master list for my theme exchange compiled by incandescens A drabble (erm 5 today because I was supposed to start posting this earlier) for the next 31ish days. Probably all High School Musical related. I need to try out this new fandom . Real life took over so they arn't all written. Sorry.

List here

Feb. 18th, 2007

Triplets of Bellville: most intrepid


Theme exchange for tablyn24

I apologise for being so late; I just got back to school last week and it ate most of my awareness, so that I completely forgot about this challenge. Here's the masterlist of my fics, finally. Thank you, tablyn24, for the themes, and sorry that I couldn't write for any of your fandoms, since as luck would have it, we don't seem to share any.

PS: Some of the fics are backdated, but were written for this challenge.

The ficsCollapse )

Feb. 16th, 2007

let's run away


31 themes for rhap_chan ♡♡

sorry for the tardiness, i got here rather late! i'll be doing the one post-a-day thing, as i am insanely disorganized and have bits and pieces of themes over in separate computers and laptops and yeah, small dosages go down better!
   thank you to rhap_chan for making a lovely set of themes for me (and also for doing mine, hee)! it certainly did challenge me, especially when i meandered towards your fic journal and discovered your certain preference for card captor sakura fandom, something i was not immediately familiar with, and pursued anyways! :D that said, i'm sorry if i butcher your favorite characters and such! generally i stuck to a balance of writing for series i'm familiar with, and for series you are for, and it worked out fairly well!

 here is the master list! it will be updated daily for the next 28 days, with links leading to my brand new ficjournal. i hope you enjoy!

Feb. 15th, 2007

MASS EFFECT: vanguard charge


Themes for tarigwaemir

Compiler: tarigwaemir

Thank you very much for the themes you provided. I didn’t get all of them done on time, but I hope to wrap up this project soon.

(Sorry for being late with this post; livejournal was giving me trouble yesterday).

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Gift Themes for array_of_colors

Hey, slightly late in posting I know >< I won't bore you all with the mundane reasons, but as they say it's better late than never. I'm going to go with posting one per day (or more, depending on FF.n) and updating the masterlist here. Unless of course, array_of_colors would like me to send the whole thing to her at once, which is fine by me. I'm a little sad we only shared one fandom, and in my case not even my main, but I didn't go to obscure with my fandom choices so I hope you'll be able to read and enjoy just the same.



Exchange for Mellie

So, between my internet being spotty for a couple of days, and a family emergency, I am not only late but have only half my themes done. I want to apologize to mellie, and promise to have these finished by March. Better late than never.

There are many fandoms here. I drew them out of a hat, or something.

Onward!Collapse )

Feb. 14th, 2007



In which Suzume slides under the door...

Ah! I was close, but I was not late! And at least I finished all 31. lukita, thank you for the interesting themes. I tried to take them in many directions, but who knows... I got several different fandoms in there, but mostly I wrote original things because I'm not especially addicted to any one fandom at the moment. I hope you like them nevertheless.

Ratings: Mostly G, but a few ranging up to near PG-13.

The List.Collapse )
badass, default


Themes for briar_pipe

Sorry for cutting it so close!! LJ kept reformatting it so I gave up after it put my list cut twice without me entering the html for it to do that 0_0

I'd like to thank briar_pipe for creating such an amazing theme list. I'm sorry that it seems we don't share interest in the same fandoms, but I hope you enjoy these anyway!

I had an excellent time writing these, though some came out far longer than I anticipated. And also, it seems I'm incapable of writing comedy. But I really hope there's something here that everyone can like.

Master ListCollapse )



2006 theme exchange for mizerable_grey

My theme list was so incredible I was embarassed to write for it. mizerable_grey, you did an awesome job!

Sadly, we have no fandoms in common that I'm capable of writing for, so instead of dragging you willy-nilly through my current and past loves, I've written a single long fic using all the themes. It's set in the Firefly universe, which is a Sci-Fi Western (?!) TV series by Joss Whedon. I picked it because many of the series you liked seem to have ensemble casts and a good combination of drama, humor, and action. Lots of information on Firefly, as well as icons to help you visualize, are included with the fic.

The first two parts are posted. LJ and powerlines willing (hello Mr. ice storm ^_^), the last two will be up within the next 36 hours or so.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Everything with Wings Is Restless

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