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bang bang you're dead

hezul in 31_days06

[theme exchange for demoerin]


My theme set came courtesy of demoerin, who I found I don't seem to share fandoms with, which made me sadface a little but that's life, right?

I decided to go entirely with pure drabbles, 100 words, because I was in the mood for an exercise in trying to see how much I could say in not much space (success rates...varied wildly, in my opinion). I also set myself the goal of using a different fandom for every drabble, although we'll see how that pans out as I post -- real life bit back with a vengeance, and I'm busier this semester than I've ever been in college, so there are still a few gaps in the list. I'm going with the day-by-day posting format in order to give myself a chance to fill them in, and I'll be editing this list with the links as I go.

It was fun, I really loved some of the themes I ended up with, and it's gotten me to at least attempt writing, however little, for some fandoms that I love but have never written so much as a word for before this exchange -- or in some cases, characters I've never written in fandoms I have written for before. So, thanks for the theme set, demoerin!

Compiled by demoerin

1. Mama never did get me a pony - [ fruits basket ]

2. Does a mullet make a man? - [ nextwave ]

3. I'll kill you and your dreams tonight

4. Hurricane season

5. Who's gonna play the part of the unsung hero / with a broken heart?

6. I'm falling all over myself / to lick your heart and taste your health

7. Failing miserably

8. There is doom and gloom while things go boom

9. The creeps

10. They cut off my legs / Now I'm an amputee, God damn you

11. Some will laugh and some just sit and cry / But you just sit down there and you wonder why

12. Be pure, be vigilant. Be ... my valentine?

13. I will kill you with a pickaxe while you sleep.

14. Lying on the highway, bleeding in the sunshine

15. Wheat

16. And though I'll never forget your face / Sometimes I can't remember my name

17. Those women must have damn near killed you

18. I know who I want to take me home

19. Inner ninja

20. I am my own damn god

21. In this kingdom by the sea

22. In my heart there is a stone / a little mountain of my own.

23. Requiem sharks

24. Love that's lived in but not looked at

25. The patron saint

26. An absurd little bird

27. The story as it should be

28. They found him in a Cadillac / bludgeoned with a baseball bat

29. Untranslated litanies

30. My face is moving on its own!

31. Atop a cobweb


April 2007

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